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Dig Exotic

Dig Exotic – “Perfect”

By: Olivia McAuley

With her new single ‘Perfect’, L.A based singer, songwriter and producer Rebecca Rosoff emerges with Act Two of her three part series of EPs as a part of her lauded indie-electro solo project, Dig Exotic. A unique and thoughtful assemblage of tracks, Act Two is a satisfying progression from her past work, replacing a focus on moody synths, with a layered and experimental vibe.

‘Perfect’ comes as the latest edition in her trilogy of intimate confessions, which the artist delivers to us  through an emotionally resonant mix of arpeggiated synths, ambient beats, and sonorous vocals.

This last track manages to be both a solid dance floor hit, and a heart gripping meditation on the inevitable disappointment one feels when the bubble of a new relationship bursts, and the initial illusions of perfection dissolve to reveal those all-so-human imperfections. Rossoff pulls this off with a sublime marriage of goth melodies, painfully relatable lyrics and catchy trip-hop beats. The overall effect is a genre defying amalgamation of sweet electro pop, meets industrial experimentation.

Take a listen to it on any major music streaming website, and see what you think!



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