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Koresma – The Overlook

Here at Too Much Love we’ve been having a pretty good run with instrumental tracks lately. Instrumental is a tricky thing to pull off these days, especially since now most people associate the lack of vocals to electronic music only. But occasionally, like in Koresma‘s case, you get the good track that, simply put, doesn’t need vocals to transmit the message.

The Overlook is a song about clarity. It’s about enjoying the journey while striving for the overlooks that help you find your path and see just how far you’ve come until now.

The track is heavily influenced bu Hip-Hop and Trip-Hop, and one could easily see  people trying to freestyle or sing over it. It has that kind of melody that makes you want to get involved, play music, dance or do something!

Don’t take my work for it, give it a listen here:

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