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whales & this lake

Whales & This Lake present “Something in Your Grass”

It’s not every day you stumble onto an electronic pop track that can truly be labeled melancholic or sombre, but “Something in Your Grass”  by the Norwegian trio Whales & This Lake is probably both. The track starts off gentle and gains strength throughout its four and a half minutes, but it maintains a very atmospheric and dark melodies, accompanied by quite a serious low end, that adds up for a track that you end up hitting Play again as soon as it’s over.

Wales & This Lake are Hans Olav Settem, Max Peder Brekke and Anders Søvik Hjelden. They all hail from small towns on the Norwegian west coast, and after moving to Oslo, they formed the outfit to combine their different takes of pop and electronic into one crazy project. On the surface, the tracks they make are pleasing to the ear with a nice blend of clashing instrumental sounds and urgent electronic textures. Yet on a lyrical and melodic level, there is a confusing sense of sadness and frustration. This is what caught our ear, and we encourage to check for yourself!

“Something in Your Grass”

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