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Natalie Jean Interview

Hi Natalie! Thanks for spending some time with us today!

What is the most beautiful song you have ever written?

The most beautiful song ever written you have to be my French song “Mon Ange”, which means “My Angel”. This song is about someone contemplating ending their life and they choose not too, because of the angels around them. An angel can be a friend, a complete stranger, or an angel.

What are you listening for when listening to new music?

I listen for really cool use of words. I listen to the story of the song.

Do you have any mantras before hitting the stage?

“I Am going to give all of my love and energy to the audience. I Am going to have a great show.”

Hardest challenge you’ve had to overcome?

Knowing who my supporters are and the ones that want to see me fail.

How do you find your peace?

I find peace by listening to music.

Do you have a new attitude going into 2021?

I am going to focus on being a positive influence in the world.

Which platforms are you most active on and how do our readers stay connected with you?

Twitter: @natnat7

Instagram: nataliej0819

Facebook: @NatalieJeanObsession

Thank you for your time!!

For Press Inquiries: bsquaredmgmt@gmail.com

End of Interview


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