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New Group ‘Cynister’ Delivers a Hard Rock Version of Modern Pop

On repeat: Cynister’s debut single, ‘Stuck.’ The song starts with a yelling crowd, and distorted electric guitar cutting through. Then, the punch. The song comes in full production with a heavy-hitting guitar riff and subdued synth drums. The stylistic electric guitar picking underneath gorgeous, mature vocals instantly brings you back to all your favorite female rock groups of the 2000s: Evanescence, the Cranberries, Paramore. But this time, hard rock is back with a twist. Cynister brews together modern pop, grunge rock, and trap; sonically revolving around a crisp lead vocal and heavy guitar. This brand new trio just entered the scene with a hit. 

I used to love ‘em and quit ‘em

I was a python in denim, but now I’m all out of venom

Catchy melodies ride clever lyrics on a wave of angst. ‘Stuck’ is about feeling cemented in your own emotions, unable to move this or that way because everything feels so weighted. The tension that anxiety or depression creates within you makes it seem as if all the walls around you are closing in. 

“Whether triggered by heartbreak or otherwise, racing thoughts and self-deprecating attitudes can be really difficult to control once they take ahold of you…it’s something that many of us struggle with. With this song, our hope is for people to understand that they’re not alone in dealing with these emotions.” says Cynnie, singer of the band.

The weight of the world is bringing me down 

My thoughts are spinning around

I’m stuck in my feelings

Cynnie Jane formed the genre-blending trio in 2018, but a mysterious aura lurks in their wake — the identities of the other two members are completely undisclosed. They only have 6 instagram posts and one single but we definitely get the vibe. Neon green lights, a witchy woman and two masked strangers make up the world of Cynister, and we’re dying to hear what’s next. 

Keep up with the new group on Instagram. 

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