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Night Talks’ “In Dreams” will help you through tough days

Night Talks shares their single “In Dreams.” The 6-minute ballad deals with the nature of human beings confronting their failures. In the words of front-woman Soraya Sebghati “Everyone deals with really awful things in their lives, and we wanted this song to remind people that more often than not, you can move on and try to enjoy what life has to offer you. It just takes time.”

Night Talks is an alternative rock band based in Los Angeles, California. With vocals that are equal parts angelic and razor-tipped, bass and drums that drive, and powerful, shimmering guitars, they’ll remind you of the first time you stayed in your room all night listening to a record.

You can listen to Night Talks complete record in their Spotify Page. We are hoping to get their second album soon!


By Mikel Corrente

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