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Nik:11 by Jovana Rikalo

NIK:11 – 6AM

By: John McCall

NIK:11 recently released her latest synth-wave single “6AM” (radio edit).  She has been on several tours in America, Japan and Europe gaining international recognition. NIK:11 was documented by Rolling Stone, Billboard, Spin, and Guitar School.  Her music has a Hard-core electro groove sound, jagged, yet very danceable.

With NIK:11 I get a sense of urgency and well timed execution, and well harnessed explosiveness. A need to capture the moments before they are gone and you forget. Sometimes, it’s about the dust left behind by what just got burned off, and the sense of loss that comes with that. Sometimes it’s about the flame, and that burning feeling – that sometimes painful feeling – of being alive, without being able to control much of anything. Sometimes, it’s about the smoke, and how everything gets so blurry that it’s impossible to see anything clearly, how everything gets so foggy that it feels like there is no plan, just luck, good or bad. In the end it’s a real rush.

NIK:11’s core sound defiantly has a foundation compared to the European house-dub stuff I often listen to. More on NIK:11 – once a featured artist, produced by George Clinton. NIK:11 has performed on stages like Lollapalooza and the Rock and… Roll Hall of Fame. The songwriting and composition defiantly drops the bass and aims to promote more striking and highly adrenalized messages than is common in harder electronica based music these days, All the while not holding anything back at all from blowing the roof off it’s foundation, or reducing a potential hit song into a sanitized version of itself. In other words – there is nothing dumbed down about ‘6AM.” Starting things off straight away with the first minute of ‘6AM” serves up an absolute appetizer of what’s to come. Within this complex, highly compartmentalized movement one will notice progressive electro-rock ambience, melodic bass lines, and inviting synth melody that really raises the bar within the genera. “6AM” has a limitless feel that makes the world seem right but there is an invigorating sense of despair that your future might not look so bright as your past – check out the lyrics and what they mean.

‘6AM” has more of a direct and a harder approach, still with style and grace, as the tantalizing synth, drum, synth-vox redundancies hit full force. As the piece moves forward the wide variety of synth tones progress nicely as the rhythm section becomes louder and somewhat doubled. The song is a true ambient-dub staple. What I like about NIK:11 the kind of bipolar or even passive/aggressive vocal beat combo. The initial mood shifts gears midway through the piece and then kicks back into high gear immersed in the industry standard build-up, subsequent break before sliding into home plate. In addition, the intermittent sampled vocal effects fit this sound like a hand in glove. As a whole the musical experience provides wonderful positive energy and hard hitting house ambience million love.

Bravo to NIK:11 for keeping it real on the high side: I Like the high end frequencies and the low end boom this song has to offer on my high end speakers. At the end of the day NIK:11 and her new track ‘6AM” adheres to the standard and then some.



Picture by  Jovana Rikalo

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