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No One Is Safe in Sazzie’s “WTF (Pop Culture)”

“Who the fuck is kim k? 

She’s so yeezy 

Kanye BFF’s with Trump

Kylie’s baby bump”

No one is safe in Sazzie’s cheeky new pop song, “WTF (Pop Culture). London based artist Sarah McIntosh throws shade at Brexit, Cardi B, Grimes and more by chronicling the ever so shocking happenings of 2018: like that one time Grimes dated Elon Musk, or when Cardi B threw a shoe at Nicki Minaj. The audacious sass in this single is enough to fill up your pop culture addictions, and, since it’s heavy on the synth, you can dance the embarrassment away. Don’t worry, we’re obsessed with social media, too.

“I wanted to document the things celebrities have done or said [last] year. What the fuck is going on? What a strange world we live in.”

Drawing inspiration from Depeche Mode, “WTF (Pop Culture)” is like a modern spin on 90s pop. It’s bouncy, it’s funny, and Sazzie’s bold vocals are matched with a super smooth and sweet tone. Kooky electronics decorate this bright soundscape, almost as if it’s making fun of pop. However quirky, this is a brilliant example of a classic pop tune and will have you bopping and singing along as soon as the first “Ooh baby” comes in. 

“Who the fuck is weinstein?

Who the fuck is Spacey?

Brexit, May and Trump

Judge Brett Kavanaugh” 

Listen below to get the full rundown of the affairs in 2018 and follow the eccentric Sazzie on Instagram

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