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NothingAboutME presents “BLUEBELL”, a track full of layers and wonders

Everything is slightly twisted, everything is slightly weird, but everything is beautiful nonetheless.

This is what I thought immediately after listening to NothingAboutME’s single, “Bluebell”. The track is melodic, wonder inducing and mysterious, but also plays with half notes and tones in a way that keeps you on your toes, musically speaking. No getting comfy and predictable with this track, folks. If you snooze, you’re going to miss things. I love the fact that once you’ve listened for a half a minute, you think you got a handle on the track, and nope! It shifts ever so slightly, leading you deeper into a musical forest.

Overall, there are recognizable influences of trip-hop, lo-fi, and modern bass electronic music. I’d even go to say there’s a touch of electroswing at some moments, but that might just be me. There’s definitely some soul in there, somewhere…

Joe Dworniak and Sarah Stanton compose the duo that is NothingAboutME. The project was formed from the loss of a friend dear to both band members, and the result is a stunning display of music and emotion found in the layers of “Bluebell”. The bluebell flower is associated with everlasting love and symbolizes gratitude and humility, which can be a powerful restorative antidote when feeling hopeless and empty.

NothingAboutME music, released on Riverfish Records, is definitely one of those sounds that one can expect to end up as a soundtrack to someones project (or life).
Give it a listen and see if I’m onto something or not!


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