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NYC Dive Bar Bathrooms

Few places keep as many secrets as NYC dive bar bathrooms do. Confessionals, psychiatric offices maybe… probably not. Each of them has many stories to tell, their walls full of graffiti and stickers are a testimony of many locals and travelers that wanted to leave their marks in one of the most influential and creative cities of the world.

NYC bathrooms are also a synonym of dirt, drugs, needles and sex. This particular aesthetic has become some sort of trend and many venues and bars in the city want to appear dirty just to be cool. Anyways, New York bathrooms are a pretty entertaining thing to look at, at least when you have had a couple of extra drinks and want to find a quiet place to hear your thoughts … or just throw up .

During our last visit to NYC we wandered around some of our favorite bars in the Lower East Side and Brooklyn including Iggy’s Keltic Lounge, Duff’s Alcohol Abuse Center, The Library, Welcome to the Johnson’s… just to name a few.

Join us on this journey through these sticky and grimy places, and see the character of the bars reflected in the water closets.

NYC 8 NYC 9 NYC 10 NYC 11 NYC 12 NYC 13 NYC 14 NYC 15 NYC 16 NYC 17 NYC 18 NYC 19

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