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O Future explores sensuality with “Smell You”

“I just wanna smell you” might not sound like a sexy phrase now, but by the time that you finished listening to “Smell You,” crafted by O Future, you will have a totally different point of view. Formed by Katherine Mills Rymer from South Africa and Jens Bjornkjaer from Denmark, O Future brings a fresh sound to the table mixing classical, jazz, and electronic all in one masterful composition.

Now residing in Los Angeles, O Future wasn’t always called this way, originally they were OOFJ. One of the striking things about the duo is their independence. Most artists need a huge team to produce a song or a video, in the case of O Future they only need each other and some tools (camera, computers, mics, etc). In a conversation between them they discuss their single “Smell You”

Katherine: The unsaid attraction between two people, the hidden secret thing between two people, all the animal non language turn on. Sometimes, and I would say most times in my life, those moments are the most delicious.

Jens: Yes. it is the intimacy of being close enough to smell someone, but not actually following through. There is a melancholy to that.

O Future will be coming with more songs and videos in the near future and they also announced a show at The Lodge Room in Los Angeles this Saturday December 1st opening for TT of Warpaint. Get your tickets here!

Follow O Future on Instagram and check out “Smell You” and “STAY” bellow.

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