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OK Sure – “Blood to a Shark”

Turn up your subwoofers and out on your alien suits, because Ok Sure‘s remix of “Blood to a Shark” is seriously something else. Starting off in an almost atmospheric way, the track soon gets heavy with a electronic/industrial sound. The track combines enough music styles and genres to make it a real trip; aside from industrial, we hear atmospheric, some old school dubstep and DnB influences and some Nine Inch Nails. All of this added to the already groovy sounds of the original track by Porsches.

Ok Sure has been going at electronic music for over 10 years, and her live shows consist of downtempo, industrial, dark melodic electronica while her dj sets can range from techno, deep house, disco, retro, electro and….whatever. And as we can hear from her work on other people’s music, she really seems to know her stuff.

Give it a listen and show some love!

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