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Track of the day

Text by: Olivia McAuley

My chosen track of the day is Ever by Spare Parts for Broken Hearts. The LA based post-grunge trio SP/BH have been on the grind since their formation in 2010, consistently releasing work so aggressively emotive and thoughtfully crushing they have remained at the forefront of the SoCal underground circuit. Their single ‘Ever’ was released via PLAG Records in early 2017, where, as was the case for their previous works, vocalist and frontwoman Sarah Green’s “melodic scream” was lauded, as was the quality of the band’s songwriting ability.

The dynamism of Green’s voice is truly breathtaking and is immediately apparent in the 5-minute track.  Pulling off a Seattle smokiness that builds into a raw call, matching the metal-esque fever that the guitar progressions and drums culminate in. The track flirts with everything in between metal and grunge, never quite landing where you think it will – and the effect is moreish (Paramore-ish, get it?). Ever – like their previous singles, is easily devoured yet hard-hitting enough to for those who like the heavier side of things. Take a listen.

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