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Omar Veluz Releases “Do You Really Wanna” (feat. Ivan Mendez)

Although there are melodic points of interest between the start and finish lines in “Do You Really Wanna” by Omar Veluz, the real bread and butter of this all-new single and music video is the punch the collective force of its instruments produces. There’s so much restless energy in the track by the time we get to the halfway marker in this song, and yet Veluz’s style of lyrics virtually contains all of the tension within the beat, frustrating the audience and the bottom half of the mix at the same time. Without warning, everything comes undone, and we’re left with what could be one of the more provocatively volatile rock listens of the year so far.

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The music video for “Do You Really Wanna” makes the angst of the lyricism a little more tangible through visuals that are akin to the film Veluz wrote this song for, Scare Us. I will say that a bit of campiness likely would have coupled with the punkishness of the composition more fluidly than the straightforward frights of this video do, but I can also appreciate his wanting to do something unpredictable on every occasion he was granted.

These drums aren’t as violent as they could have been, but the beat they cultivate is still a menacing one because of the additional instrumentation it supports. There’s scarcely an instance in the whole of “Do You Really Wanna” in which Omar Veluz doesn’t sound like he’s riding a wave of stylized noise with a solid rhythm to guide his words, and were this not the case I don’t think I would have responded to the track as well as I did. It’s multilayered but not singular by any measurement, which isn’t common of songs made specifically for projects other than a proper LP.

Omar Veluz angrily spits the verses at us in this track, as though he were about to turn into a wild animal with the flip of a switch, but he always remains in control of his emissions. To be frank, I think his is such a looming spirit over the instrumentation in “Do You Really Wanna” that imagining him fronting a band rather than working this material out in a solo project is rather laughable. He needs the spotlight to himself, and you can’t argue with that when listening to a performance as definitively centered on his persona as this one is.

It might have been made for a movie, but I don’t think calling “Do You Really Wanna” just a soundtrack song is fair to the creative depth it presents audiences with this summer. Instead of doing what every other cool kid is doing, this is an artist who wants to break away and experiment with the limits of his sound and the pop genre his approach is indebted to. There’s going to be some interesting buzz around both this single and the film it was crafted for, but in the long run, and I think the former will overshadow the latter outright.

John McCall

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