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“One night” before summer ends

Arriving in the form of an oniric Electronica festival in the sky, “One Night” demands you make the most out of this final stretch of summer with the use of its gorgeous and high-spirited energy. The past two years have been rough around the edges (to say the least) but if you can take one night to make the most of,  make it tonight, or just let this song be your driver and tour guide all the way to Autumn, and maybe -just maybe- summer will last One (More)Night.

“One Night” features warm but breezy synth melodies composed and implemented to thematic perfection by DJ/Producer Jonas Hahn, and boasting silky, lavish vocals provided by LGBTQ Artist Dean Robert. The track also features French Artist Pierre Leck as co-writer and co-producer. This veritable team effort was masterminded by Indie L.A. label SoCal Records, and the end result is an ever expanding dream-like track that is easy to surrender to with its crispy and lush synth-forward production and amazing vocal performance. A huge blissful treat that captures the zeitgeist of euphoric nights danced away in carelessness.

For Hahn, “One Night” represents the second track released With his new family at SoCal Records, and it’s going to be riding the great wave of his previous hit release, “Like Fire”, a song that broke 85k streams on Spotify since its inception in July. Meanwhile, Robert has been busy releasing single after single of his staple groovy and club-ready Electropop bangers, with the most recent being “Find A sign” in June this year.

Having brought Leck aboard to help produce and write the lyrics, it was up to Dean Robert to wield his voice and passion to saturate the song with an emotional layer that’s easy to connect to, though far from a listen/sing-along-only experience, “One Night” has every tool at its disposal to take full command of the dancefloor, be it in the clubs, by the beach, or at an outdoor show full of lights. The track lends itself well to any kind of situation where  a lofty and vivacious musical atmosphere is needed to clear away the burdensome night air of the summer lockdowns, turning them into far more memorable and positive moments.

So. Do you need one last summer anthem? look no further: This. Is. It.


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