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Ooberfuse release new single and EP of remixes for “Call My Name”

There are a lot of exciting artists making noise in the British underground this year, but not very many are producing the ethereal, and most often danceable, soundscapes that alternative pop twosome ooberfuse do in their new single and EP of remixes, Call My NameCall My Name is a monstrously melodic slugfest that sees ooberfuse experimenting with elements of house music and ambient textures that, in some remixes, seem to make the song feel so much more psychedelic than it is in others. 2019 has been an incredible year for left-field songwriters and producers, but of all the top tier artists that I’ve heard this summer, these two are definitely among the very best (and, I should add, the most mature in their approach).

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Paul Kennedy’s radio edit, along with “The Noise” and Patrik Kambo’s remix, represent the cream of the crop in ooberfuse’s discography. Kennedy’s mix, which is featured in the music video for “Call My Name,” is the most surreal, while Kambo’s is the most FM-friendly and “The Noise” basks in the light of unfiltered, ambient/dub territory. Hal St John’s radio edit and the “Push the Frequency Festival Mix” are the only two tracks that feel a little forced and overly bombastic for what most pop fans are going to be looking for this summer, but I can also see where serious club fiends might still find them to be meaningful to some degree. One thing that you won’t find on Call My Name is repetitiveness, as these five mixes boast more individualistic qualities than most any songs to share a tracklist this season will.

The music video for “Call My Name” is brutally simplistic, but that’s actually what I love about it the most. We’re looking through the lens of someone’s pleasure-time camera; there is no expensive cinematography, no subplot unrelated to the narrative of the song, and no hired hands to serve as characters in this short video. Instead of wasting our time with the plain and mundane, ooberfuse bring us with them on a quest to see every beautiful facet of the world whilst taking in some genuinely killer beats in the background. As I said before – it might be unbelievably simple, but this is one of the only videos out this year that I can describe without comparing it to something that’s already been released in the past.

DEEZER: https://www.deezer.com/us/track/696039582?autoplay=true

You don’t have the be the biggest electronic pop fan on the planet to get into the sound that ooberfuse are sharing with us in Call My Name, but for those listeners out there who, like me, can’t get enough of a futuristic harmony when they hear a good one, this is an EP that belongs on your stereo. Summer club addicts who want something smarter to dance to than halfhearted hip-hop grooves or the same old garage rock revival clatter that we’ve been listening to since the late 90’s will particularly like what this record contains, but to be perfectly honest, so will anyone who enjoys getting down to a silky smooth rhythm every now and again.

John McCall

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