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Orange Birthday releases “5”

Fairview, Texas’s mysterious music maker, Orange Birthday (the moniker to Jacob Hagedorn) is an enigma. In the just under two-minute song, “5”, the listener is transported to another worldly dimension even if it only feels like the dramatic push and song’s crescendo is for a blink of an eye. It creates something of a confusing emotion, but the fact that it espouses such an emotion is saying much. The song is instrumental and is just one of the tracks from Orange Birthday’s album, A1X.

What helps most to digest a song like “5” is to put oneself into the mindset that this track is like dreaming while being awake. Words seem to fall into place; the mind settles on shapes and objects surrounding the ethereal streams. It’s the music bed to any part of the day’s soundtrack. The song doesn’t have a dance appeal – it’s serene and an almost gentle. At the beginning, and at the end there’s a slight pause between beeps; it’s as if the alarm next to a bed is reminding ‘the day is about to begin’ or even ‘come back to reality – the world is calling.’

BANDCAMP: https://orangebirthday.bandcamp.com/album/a1x-2

The stillness in “5” is perplexing in terms of Orange Birthday’s home base. Located in the Dallas-Fort Worth area, Fairview is not exactly a quiet corner of the world, after all its Texas! Thinking it might be larger, grander sounds, “5” seems to hone in, or refrain reverb and beats. Perhaps that’s the point. Is Orange Birthday painting a picture that the bustle and hustle of a major metropolitan city still needs a moment to go in slow motion and breathe in the sky or press pause on the commotion? “5” is a stirring song only in that the moments between the sounds seem to evolve into a bigger story. Is the beauty of this song the relaxing mood and the chilling vibe? Orange Birthday seems to tap into the distracted minds of the world and harness, even if just for a moment, the sounds that can’t always be described.

The challenge to this song is that it’s so short. It’s difficult to get lost in the emotion or connection when it’s just so quick. It’s shortfall, too, is that it’s missing that jarring or event brightness “gotcha” moment. Still, the story Orange Birthday tells is an artistic journey, albeit a very short one, in “5” that leaves the listener not only wanting more, but some other routes to fall down its rabbit hole. “5” has some great moments, but listeners should demand more. Orange Birthday may lack the ambitions of a longer tune or a robust sound, but Hagedorn certainly creates conversation and leaves the listener to unclutter the sounds and sparks he’s arranged. The more listens, the brighter the sounds become and the listener’s imagination catapults into different, or event forgotten, corners of the mind. Much like meditation, Orange Birthday assists in calming the soul and the spirit. Fans of Aphex Twin will dive right into the depth of Orange Birthday and have no trouble embracing “5” into their musical libraries.

John McCall

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