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What would you do if you could suddenly hear for the very first time? Multi-instrumentalist and composer Hēran Soun was born in a muted world, with only 15% hearing. The landscapes he creates derive from a myriad of talents and though untraditional in many ways, his latest single ‘Barricade’ is comfortably familiar. When you listen, take a deep breath and imagine that you, too, are hearing music for the very first time:

Hēran’s debut single ‘Barricade’ tells an intimate story of innocence and the attempt to maintain it for oneself. In a jungle of unique, rich tones, Hēran creates a suspenseful and endearing journey, connecting us to the tendency we have to melt into another person. Every decision in this artistic piece is tactful and moving, just like a dance between lovers. Off beat drums lend a slice of pop to the arrangement while bells and strings dress the soundscape with flirtatious dimensions.

“I could see my bad habits, addictions, self-destructive tendencies rubbing off on you, I needed you to protect yourself, a barrier to keep that innocence. To be the positive which attracted my negative. To be the relief from this world, rather than being a mirror back at me.” — Hēran Soun

After a childhood spent in and out of the hospital, Hēran finally emerged with full hearing. He became fully obsessed with music, diving in as if it were fresh water in the desert, teaching himself the language of instruments and discovering what sound meant. Fans of Bon Iver or Polo + Pan will appreciate the playful and experimental nature of Hēran’s music, as it is crisp, visual, and alluring. He’s hooked us with ‘Barricade’ and we can’t wait to hear what’s coming next.

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