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Patricia Lazzara and Steve Markoff – If I Could Reach Your Heart (single)

Steve Markoff first met musical partner Patricia Lazzara long ago when Markoff visited the latter looking for flute lessons. They struck up a musical collaboration that’s endured over multiple releases and this single, cut by the duo plus piano player Allison Brewster Franzetti while quarantined in their homes, is one of their more notable musical accomplishment of their career thus far and bears all the hallmarks of layered melodic approach while still presenting listeners with an instrumental that boasts a genuine commercial design. “If I Could Reach Your Heart” has all the hallmarks of a song capable of sticking in the mind long past the initial listen and its rich warmth invites listeners to return again and again to explore its fully realized mechanics and sound.

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I love the construction of the track. Only the lack of a compelling vocal track and lyrics separates this track from the finest top flight pop efforts and even the classical considerations of this piece wouldn’t interfere with a casual fan enjoying its commercial strengths. “If I Could Reach Your Heart” is a classic pop ballad in many respects and attentive listening will reveal all the myriad ways they pay tribute to the form yet carve out their own specific place within the style. It avoids the saccharine overstatement often burdening these sort of songs and, in this sense, the lack of lyrics and vocals are welcome if such additions only served to drag the tune closer to bathos and melodrama. In the hands of these musicians, “If I Could Reach Your Heart” unfolds in honest and heartfelt fashion.

Franzetti’s piano playing is the base upon which Lazzara and Markoff build their flute work. She creates and reels through a variety of melodies herself, all of the fitting the flute playing quite nicely, and her place in the mix assures listeners will never lose the full impact of her contributions to the song. She has an exemplary touch on the instrument, almost gliding, and plays with obvious knowledge of the musicians she shares the recording with.

APPLE MUSIC: https://music.apple.com/us/album/if-i-could-reach-your-heart-single/1510180645

Markoff’s alto flute and Lazzara’s flute playing form a perfect musical union. They have known each other and played together often over a number of years but they still retain the same initial inspired pulse that gave birth to their collaboration. That doesn’t always happen. Many creative partners begin on a high note but find sustaining that connection increasingly difficult over time. They are the clear “stars” of the performance, but never placed in the mix in such a way they diminish Franzetti’s contributions to the performance. The three musicians play as an effective and genuine trio throughout the song rather than as three soloists searching for cohesion. “If I Could Reach Your Heart” bodes well for the album it is part of. Lazzara, Markoff, and Franzetti are refining their musical aims with each new release and, in my opinion, this new single may be their finest moment yet. It resonates, even in instrumental form, like the best songs do.

John McCall

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