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Patrick Doval – In You

by John McCall

Patrick Doval’s single “In You” is never overwrought or cluttered with too many instruments, but it is definitely a kaleidoscopic musical ride. The hard charging piano bringing you into the song immediately caught my ear and you realize, as the track develops, provides a rhythmic and melodic spine of sorts for the tune. The drumming is on point and punctuates the song’s obvious percussive strengths while throwing in some understated tweaks and flourishes along the way. At just over three and a half minutes long, Doval has hit upon a near perfect running time for the track that lends itself nicely to another outstanding music video he created and edited.

The same intensely visual sense I hear in his music is manifested in his video. There’s no jarring juxtapositions of color and, despite the downcast mood in the song’s lyrics, the visual tone of the images themselves is appealing to the eye. He’s chosen some telling and creative imagery to accentuate the song’s lyrical content and, instead of seeming almost separate from the songwriting, the video and track are best experienced together. In that sense, there’s a significant multimedia element to Doval’s ambitions. He has more than enough talent to pull them off.

It all gets capped off, however, by his voice. He’s an outstanding interpreter for his own material, never hammy or overly earnest, just emboldened by work he clearly and audibly believes in and determined to delivery it with as much emotion as it can bear. He weaves through the lyrics with a rare amount of grace, but there’s pure pop in his delivery that hooks into your consciousness and keeps you riveted to his voice for the entirety of the performance.

It’s an intensely likable performance as well. The words may reflect unresolved desires, but the way he attacks the songwriting is warm, open-hearted, and intent on bearing its heart. This is one of the secrets to the song’s success – it’s an intensely human effort, brimming with life even in the face of its disappointments, and resolute in its capacity to endure. I have listened to this song repeatedly since my first spin through the track and it holds up well.

It’s a more than promising single from his soon to be released album Broken, scheduled to drop early next year. It promises Patrick Doval, with numerous albums already under his belt, is prime for ascending to another level and his new music may reach an even larger audience than he’s so far enjoyed. Few young artists today approach their music with such a completeness of vision and the added blessing of refashioning their influences into something uniquely their own. Doval has accomplished that already, but “In You” sounds like the next step in his evolution when his talents carrying him to rarefied heights. The upcoming album is a must have purchase for me; “In You”, as all album cuts do, will likely to take on even greater significance when heard in the context of the full album.


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