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Peaks brings us new EP “patterns”

Moody, full of textures, but you can see the light at the end of the tunnel.

To those who like electronic textures and the use of a wide variety of sounds, Patterns is for you!
But wait, there’s more!

Peaks achieves a rather well rounded EP, with a continuous style running through its duration, but enough difference between each track that they can be played solo just fine. Kind of a rare thing these days, were EPs can get rather conceptual. I think the wining tracks for Patterns are tracks 2 and 5. My first impressions of the second track, named “Gray”, were dashed against the rocks halfway into the track. What I though was going to be more experimental became groovy and melodic. Track number 5 is the latest single for the EP, titled “Andrew”. It is more trip-hoppy, darker, almost melancholic, but still retaining that rhythm that makes it a good listen.

Started with an objective to melodically meld delicate textures and bold electronics, Peaks is the experimental music project of Los Angeles-based recording artist & producer Matthew Greiner.

Let’s check out the Patterns EP:

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