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Phantasman Premieres video for “Doldrums” and Releases New EP Visceral!

After a two year hiatus, Miami electronic artist Phantasman is set to release a four-track EP Visceral on March 1st. This is Phantasman’s first release of new music in 2 years (not counting the odd single here and there), and there is a marked change of style in this EP compared to previous efforts. Visceral is dark, calm, and dreamy; venturing into ambient sounds and rhythm breaks. The overall sound of the EP is more nostalgic than we expected, and makes for excellent music to let your mind wander into deep and dark places.

The dark wave meets cerebral electronic musician has teamed up with Vidium (the creative project workshop powered by brothers Gregorio and Eduardo Alvarez), to create an obscure, somewhat sinister video, with slow-moving actors and plenty of glitchiness. It almost feels like the characters moght climb oit of the screen like in that movie The Ring.
Vidium and Phantasman have been sharing and exploring their passion for visual glitch media and electronic synthesis, to release a video for the song “Doldrums”, the 3rd track off of the EP. The video was shown to the public in exclusive screening at the Vidium HQ in Downtown Miami.

Visceral is available for purchase in cassette tape format, as well as digital, from Phantasman.com
Now, let’s get dark and weird. We recommend watching the video in a dark room, sitting in a corner. And turn up the volume!

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