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“Playing With Fire” by Desmond Myers

Sultry and seductive, the new ballad from crooner Desmond Myers takes place where D’Angelo left off – “Playing With Fire” is Myer’s blue-eyed soul head turner. His isolated vocals and sensual music bed bests even the most embraced romantic rhythms. Listening to Myers unleash his heart is like slipping into a Harlequin novel late at night. Only Myers feels real.

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The hook and ladder in this song is the chorus playing with fire, followed by it’s going to burn me, I can’t keep it to myself, I can’t let it bring me down.  Myers, a North Carolina-born stunner, combines his natural gift of pitch and emotive delivery with what he calls a blending of French house music topped with R&B. Myers’ experience and start of his career in Paris gives this South Easterner a global viewpoint and knowing his background adds another entire level of charm. When he sings, you believe every word is coming from his heart. The castles made of sand will hold, but like a diamond in the glass, I must surely walk on past, he sings, cutting through the listener’s shell.

“Playing With Fire” is bigger than your typical pop song and bridges Myers’ favor for EDM, too. With over 37-thousand monthly Spotify listeners, he’s on many listeners’ radars. Previous tracks like “Vinyl Collection” showcase Myers’ quid-pro-quo vocal delivery and masterful song structure. “Playing With Fire” falls right into line with his penchant for writing catchy songs. The stirring music bed has rips and zigs and zags. The mid-tempo rise elevates within Myers’ charismatic falsetto stretches. Besides the Justin Timberlake comparisons, Frank Ocean and Prince echoes can be heard in his songs. He hits some high notes at times, and is complete control of his range.

The pulsating beneath him is like the heart beating, blindly falling in love and ready for any consequences. When he sings the previous line I must surely walk on past, a chilling, piercing sound breaks through. The bopping and beats continue, with the rich, blurbs of creative sonic beats continue to lay beneath Myers’ voice like satin sheets. The juxtaposition of the still-intense music bed, parallels Myers’ passionate portrayal. The last few moments of the song are a higher pitched, muffled horn section, or blistering electronic piano keys simmering down as if the candle’s light were on its last inches of the wick. Embers spring about, as Myers’ voice soothes and nearly broods at song’s end.

AMAZON: https://www.amazon.com/Playing-Fire-Desmond-Myers/dp/B089T22MJ8

The allure of “Playing With Fire” is certainly Myers’ incredible natural voice. He gathers himself between lyrics, like little moments of sighs. Short seconds where time stops. The listener is left circling the kaleidoscope of deep colors emerging from the music bed. As the tiger orange and apricot pallets mix, the Myers’ voice also becomes cool as ice, and stoic as a statue. Breathe this one in – “Playing With Fire” is an intoxicating plume of sonic smoke from the first moment to its last breath. Any accolades coming the way of Desmond Myers are far deserving.

John McCall

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