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Pre-Sexual Activities’ Releases “Spotify Your Life”

There’s no need to argue – this is the age of surreal pop, and if you didn’t think so before taking a peek at the incredibly stirring new music video for Pre-Sexual Activities’ “Spotify Your Life,” its striking visuals will set you straight in just a few minutes’ time. Incorporating existential and postmodern influences that bleed from the music into the imagery of the video rather flawlessly, “Spotify Your Life” takes the conceptualisms of Ween, Pink Floyd, and even a touch of John Zorn’s cosmetic influence and throws all of it into a post-hipster look I wasn’t expecting to see this summer (but found myself entranced by all the same).

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To say there are numerous aesthetics in play here might not be doing the melting pot of artistic creativity that this piece is justice. There’s soul living within the lead vocal, a hint of psychedelia connecting the harmonies at the start of the song, a taste of funk tethering the tempo changes together, and an overshadowing sensation of melancholy that permeates the lyrics and brings to mind the death of indie culture in general. It’s a whole art museum wrapped into a single performance, and yet it feels definitively ‘alternative’ no matter what angle it’s broken down from.

The music video takes the postmodernity of the source material to an entirely different level than I would have initially expected it would, but I wouldn’t say that it’s an overreaching document by any means. Contrarily, there’s something quite profound about the way it advances the theme of the music through an almost completely different medium, bridging every frame we see on our screens and the subtle pulsations of melodicism in the background masterfully. This is the product of deep thought that doesn’t equate to introspection, but instead collaboration of the most exciting variety.

There are two distinct acts comprising “Spotify Your Life,” but the transition between the two is fluid because of how meticulously the instruments have been arranged. Good producing is one reason why this single plays out so seamlessly, but something in my gut tells me that it would probably sound just as complete, brooding, and whole in a live setting, largely because of the chemistry its creators have. It’s an ethereal expression of love for the act of making music and preserving its integrity, and overall something that I highly doubt I’m going to be forgetting anytime soon.

Pre-Sexual Activities’ discography is an experimental treat that audiophiles cannot afford to miss out on at the moment, and if you’ve yet to take a look at the video for “Spotify Your Life,” I sincerely recommend giving it your full attention before the month of July has met its conclusion. There are layers of emotion and musical might to be discovered in this piece, and even after several dedicated listening sessions, I’m not fully convinced that I’ve unearthed every artistic truth “Spotify Your Life” has to share with the audience. The bottom line here is simple – this is an act that could really shake up their scene and everyone around it this year.

John McCall

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