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Rainsford’s Song ‘Somewhere Else’: Side Effects May Include Hypnosis

“I see you in a dream…”

Rainsford is spellbinding. Unique, piercing imagery floods her Instagram that makes you yearn to know more. Her music is gripping and satisfies this longing in the perfect way.

Beware: The vocals on this track are not auto-tuned nor laden with effects. They are raw and may cause hypnosis. Proceed with caution.

‘Somewhere Else’ is a blend between Solange and the female pop singers of the 90s. It was inspired by a semi-psychoactive medication she accidentally was prescribed. “I was taking a medication for a while that, unbeknownst to me at the time, has a side effect of causing really intense dreams and nightmares…The way we string these flashes of images together to tell ourselves a story is very revealing. ‘Somewhere Else’ is a reflection of some of my medicated dreaming.”

The song begins without warning; her voice comes in with a soulful temper and ache. Every lyric tells a story we can identify with and the production aids it perfectly. Providing a steady, sexy pulse, we’re instantly taken on a journey. Like a snake weaving through the dirt, you go in and out of this trippy grassland, only getting peeks of the sky above. The second chorus is overlaid with the verse and suddenly, you don’t know where you are. Just like the ear-candy binge worthy chorus: “Am I somewhere else?”

“My favorite part is when it transitions into the new sound. Like a dream, slipping from one world to the next.” says Rainsford.

By the time we reach the bridge, we’re in a dark forest. Giving us cimmerian vibes, she explores her lower register and a dreamy choir comes in: “I see u in a dream…” Then, just when you think you’ve made it to the other side, she hits us with some French and a rap that seals your fate. You’ve been enchanted.

Rainsford has already toured (supporting our fave duo from the early 2000s, Aly & AJ), and her very successful debut EP “Emotional Support Animal” had songs that hit Spotify’s New Music Friday and Hype Machine’s #1 list. But catch her this year, starting with February 28th at the Saint Rock in Hermosa Beach. We know she’s releasing new music soon too, but when remains a mystery for now. Follow her on her Instagram and keep your eyes peeled …

“Your eyes fading in, play me. Chasing me with snakes til im bleeding…”



Words by Ariana Tibi

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