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Raquel Kiaraa Delivers New Single

Where there’s a will, there’s a way. Throw in some elbow-grease and some natural talent, and you’re ready to take the world by storm – just ask Raquel Kiaraa. Like her idol, Leonard Cohen, Kiaraa entered the music business later in life, and learned to put her own words to music. After releasing her debut single, “Scorpio” in 2020, she’s continuing to reach her dreams with her newest release, “Dear Jesus”. Filled with compassionate vocals and heartfelt prose, “Dear Jesus” is an anthem to the downtrodden, the forgotten and the listeners that feel invisible.

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Kiaraa’s backstory is one for the ages. Her story struck me as the benchmark for attaining your dreams just by willing yourself. The power of self-belief and hard work – Kiaraa started to sing and play piano at 32. In 2019 she took the remarkable step of self-promoting two-sold out performances at a small performance theater. “Scorpio” racked up spins in Brazil, Italy, Russia, Ireland and so on. Outside of music, she’s an actress, stylist and also serves as a mentor and life coach. Where does she find the time?

She really can sing, too. Honestly. “Dear Jesus” might throw off some listeners by its title alone, but it shouldn’t. Far from it. This song is a cure to the isolation that has been endured by so many the past year. Even if we weren’t still living during a pandemic, “Dear Jesus” would be relevant. Kiaraa’s words are simple, but very effective. “Praying for the light to show me the way,” is one line that stood out to me. I don’t think we as humans are looking for huge miracles or life-changing acts (okay, maybe I did pray to win the lottery last week, but I digress). We want simple things like happiness and security. This song spoke to me in a way that felt much more real than those memes on social media that encourage and remind us to take it one day at a time. I don’t need a daily affirmation, but what I do need sometimes is a song that shares the thoughts I’m having, the feelings I’m going through. “Dear Jesus” is that song. It gave me a wonderful feeling of comradery and fellowship. A light to shine the way – answers we’re all searching for, yearning for. It’s an instant image that grabs the listener.

Other singers might have more flash, more pizazz in their song. I don’t think that you need it in this case – Kiaraa is just the right amount of genuine talent. Even if I didn’t know her background, I think I could tell from this song that she’s an artist with confidence and determination. While the song might illicit lyrics that feel uncertain or unworthy of confidence, Kiaraa never lacks grace or humility in “Dear Jesus”. She’s a refreshingly amount of normal in a music business full of posers and wannabees. Kiaraa is one to keep on your radar – especially if you’re a fan of pop or adult contemporary music.

John McCall

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