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Matt Michaelis releases Resolute


By: Randy Jones

There’s a lot to be said about Resolute – an album by Matt Michaelis with vocalists and percussionists brought in to help complete these epic songs. They top everything off with all the right bells and whistles, including one singer, Rich Bischoff, pulling production duty. This made for a great combination of working hard together to round off each and- every song with an impeccable ethic. Matt credits his wife Autumn, the killer work of some awesome singers and drummers including Rachel Dee Minyard, Naomi Araujo, Shawni Westmoreland, Quinn Brown, Pat Boyer, Jason Carney, and David Geiselmayr.

“How Long” with Rchel Dee Minyard providing vocals, is as good as any of the other eight tracks on this release. It’s important to get that sentiment out of the way because it’s not considered to be one of the go to tracks being pushed, but you don’t lead off with something and not expect it to play a part in igniting fires. This is an awesome way to kick start a monster album. There’s almost too much going on to describe it all, right down to the cosmic outro. “Running From The Law” goes magnificently well with the opening cut, and although it does surpass it as a “go to” song, it doesn’t take the opener out of the mind.

You know you’re in for some musical exploration after how far apart the first two tracks are in everything from the style to the sound departments. There is so much music to already soak-up, that it’s an album you have-to take each track in like an album itself. The amount of influences, already cover everyone from Gary Clark Jr. to the White Stripes without missing the likes of the mighty Zeppelin in the process. Those are some tall orders to follow, but perhaps one of the coolest things to notice about Matt Michealis, along with his incorporation of horns into what are mostly rock-dominated pieces.

How this was all done can be found in an extensive clip about the making of this album, which is something that takes you deeper into the songs and how the album was produced. But the album actually- speaks for itself, with some outstanding efforts put forth by the singers and drummers involved. The percussion in-particular gets kicked-up several notches on the funk/rock “Bricks For Feet.” With an energetic turn-out from everyone. Again, there is so much going on musically, that it’s more than a song. That’s the kind of thing you get with every turn on Resolute, an album that checks out in every way, shape and form.

Also making big noise on this album is “Move On Out” with Quinn Brown, because it’s a no-nonsense rocking song with a natural change-up in the mix. It sounds like the least treated track, even though the singer produced this one. It turns-out to be one of my favorites, but probably the least accessible as well. It has that big sound, and big appeal that you expect from well known artists. Yet it’s all done very playfully, rather than serious. And don’t forget “Weatherman” which on the other hand is another “go to” track not to be passed over on the first listen. It’s another high point on this immeasurably good release that takes a lot to describe the exact musical majesty of.

AMAZON: https://www.amazon.com/Resolute-Matt-Michaelis/dp/B076ZW97TY

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