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Rob Alexander is back with “Life As We Know It”

Spring has traditionally been a great season for pop/rock, and this year, it’s providing us a smorgasbord of awesome releases to choose from. One of the more interesting singles to come across my desk this March has undisputedly been “Life As We Know It,” the third cut from Rob Alexander’s Being Myself album, which on its own has been getting even more accolades than its predecessor Long Road Coming Home did (no small feat to accomplish, I should add). Rob Alexander breaks away from the pack in “Life As We Know It,” bringing forth his well-known brand of Elton John-style piano rock with a newly toned core that is as balladic in nature as it is provocatively throttling and stadium-shaking in style. Tonality is his top priority in this song, and if you were one of the crazy few who thought that the third single from Being Myself was going to struggle in the shadow of the last pair’s successes, you’re in for quite the surprise upon pressing play here.

Quality is everything in “Life As We Know It,” and as I just mentioned, it all starts with the precise definition of the instrumental tones here. The texture of every component – from the piano to the strings and back to Rob Alexander’s lead vocal – is given a starring role in this cinematic single, and whether we’re listening in on the intro or focusing specifically on the hook in the chorus, there’s never a moment where we aren’t able to discern where one end of a harmony starts and another is coming to an end.

This is some top shelf producing for sure, with the overall equalization being skewed towards beefing up the physicality of the band as a whole, and I would be lying if I said I didn’t wish more pop songs being released this season were sporting as much presence as this track is from top to bottom. It makes me want to hear not only “Life As We Know It” but the whole of Being Myself live at some point in the future, just to experience the energy of these players in-person.

I wasn’t following Rob Alexander as closely as I should have been before hearing Being Myself for the first time just a couple of short months ago, but I can tell you that I’m not going to be skipping over any of his upcoming releases (as both a critic and a new fan). “Life As We Know It” captures the essence of its parent album better than any other song in its tracklist does, and if you’re curious as to what its star performer is all about, it’s a composition I would recommend consulting first and foremost.

Alexander still has more ground to cover if he’s going to break out of his position in the underground and forge a new life in the mainstream spotlight, but if this is providing us any sort of indication as to how hard he’s going to pursue that dream, I’d anticipate seeing his momentum get all the stronger this year.

John McCall

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