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S.J. Jananiy – Believe in You

This is a world class singer/ S.J. Jananiy’s new single “Believe in You” treats listeners to a tour de force vocal performance despite the fact restraint characterizes much of Jananiy’s approach to adding vocals. She never overwhelms her audience during “Believe in You”. It’s obvious from the first, instead, Jananiy wants listeners to enjoy a full experience – warm singing, skilled musicianship, an ear for sonic excellence, and thoughtful words that give her a great launching off place for weaving her magic. The singing, however, stands out from the remainder of the tune – Jananiy lifts up everything around her. The lyrical content is first rate, but Jananiy’s voice raises it up another level. In her hands, this sounds nearly like a prayer. Jananiy gives every bit of herself over to the words and unveils them for the listener with the sort of patience defining the greatest song interpreters. It helps, naturally, that Jananiy wrote the song herself; its sentiments are even closer to her heart than they might have otherwise been. At the end, however, it is talent and commitment that makes her singing so memorable.

Make no mistake, however, that the music is lacking. Jananiy’s arrangement for “Believe in You” relies largely on electronic instrumentation, particularly synthesizers, but she lays out its colors in such a way that it makes for an excellent pairing with both Jananiy’s voice and lyrics alike. The bass playing and other secondary instruments add more variety to the band’s sound without ever producing a jarring effect for listeners. The same thought and effort put into making her voice ideal for this recording embodies the musical arrangement as well and the final touch is shaping the track to a good fit in terms of length – “Believe in You” runs four minutes nine seconds but never sounds that long and, frankly, will leave many listeners wanting more.

The lyrics mentioned earlier are the final piece of the puzzle. Jananiy gets her point across without any added verbiage and one wonderful thing, among others, making the lyrics work so well is they are open to interpretation. What this song means to S.J. Jananiy isn’t necessarily relevant to what it may mean for you and this effect is, no doubt, deliberate. Everything about “Believe in You” indicates Jananiy wrote and recorded it for intensely personal reasons, but intended it to be appreciated by as many people as possible. It’s a great foray for her into the global market because it will certainly check off all the necessary boxes for Western listeners, primarily in America, while still working well within her comfort zone.

If she enjoys worldwide success, as she deserves, S.J. Jananiy can rightly claim she earned those fortunes on her own terms. “Believe in You” is the work of an unquestionable artist, never pretentious, and working for both performer and audience alike. It’s another step in her long journey from being a childhood prodigy, through academic excellence, coming of age, and now reaching the full maturity of her powers with a single that stands among the best I’ve heard in recent memory.

John McCall

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