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“Sabor” by Dallas String Quartet

“Sabor” is the new original track from Dallas String Quartet. Music fans might recognize the exciting foursome from their pop and rock music covers – everything from Journey to Bon Jovi to Dua Lipa, but this time around “Sabor” is an original instrumental. Named for the Spanish word meaning gusto or taste, “Sabor” satisfies the listener with a bevy of triumphs. The song and the companion music video are vintage Dallas String Quartet – vibrant movement and wildly talented visual representation. Featuring Jesus Molina “Sabor” is yet another reason to fall for Dallas String Quartet and its magical musical spark.

URL: https://www.dallasstringquartet.com/

Like the music video, “Sabor” has moments that feel both ready for day and night. Set in sunny skies, lakeside dances and even some boating outings, the video then turns to nighttime performances and dazzling attire. “Sabor” has a tone that feels fresh, and invigorating. As a listener, it transported me to a sultry spot at a beach. At times though, the music trails into more mysterious grounds, with spy-like movements happening between the violin strings. I could easily imagine this song being on a 007 James Bond soundtrack. It sounds classy and ready for a ballroom dance.

I loved the way its polished but not too overproduced. As in past performances of “Love Again” and “Secrets”, Dallas String Quartet always makes things sound natural. They always bring a beauty and lightness to their work, too. Now, back to my previous note with the mysterious side of things – it’s not a nefarious vibe, but more of a nocturnal feel. I felt like the story to this song played out like you’re having a great day and you’re enjoying the sun but get ready to taste the evening. It’s about life’s balance. You get the throbbing stand-up bass lines, and you get the lower toned violin strings in a back-and-forth match with the more melodic and higher pitched violin strings. It’s a wonderful arrangement and evokes the emotions of love and confidence. Molina’s melodic Piano is subtle but wraps itself around the music in the most opportune way. You might feel the sudden urge to imagine yourself in Havana, but the next moment, you’re riding the high seas in the Pacific. This song moves along like a wonderful dream.

The song also makes you want to dance! As shown in the music video, “Sabor” the mood is frisky and begs to get the listener moving those shoulders and hips. I think Dallas String Quartet is keenly aware of the fact that they bring an austere tone to their music, but they always incorporate a youthful or sprite bounce. Again, it’s all about the balance with their music and especially “Sabor”.

Dallas String Quartet began in 2007 by violinist Ion Zanca. A Romanian-born violinist, Zanca, moved to Dallas to attend Southern Methodist University, and after working weddings and other events, his quartet soon discovered fans craved the plugged-in and rock songs in their sets. Joining Zanca in the group include musicians from South Korea and California.

John McCall

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