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Safetalk – Keeping it positive with “Gold of the Highest”

Having made their debut in March this year with their hymn to the cosmos, ‘Universal’, Anglo-French trio Safetalk return in September with their second transmission, ‘Gold of the Highest’, a light in the darkness celebrating humanity’s potential.

Don’t get me wrong, this isn’t a happy, uppity, bubbly and other words ending in “y” kind of track.  What it is, is groovy, heavy on the bass, and a little trippy. Alright, so there might have been a few more “y” ending words in my description than I cared to admit.

Talking about the music, the melody is slow but soaring, perfectly complementing the vocals, that with just the right touch of effects, float around in your head, and will probably stick there. The beat is steady, with the aforementioned bass always present enough to make your head bob a little to the rhythm, but not hard enough to drown our the subtleties in the rest of the sound.

End result is a track that makes you want to hit repeat as soon as it’s done. Check for yourself!

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