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SAIGO Releases “Thieves” With Message of Support

“…We found trouble
You kept it out of sight”

R&B drums underline a frilly guitar, decorating the intro just before SAIGO hits us with soulful vocals reminiscent of the early 2000s. It’s refreshing how clearly the honesty comes through in his vocal and timbre, and we’re coasting the wave with him all the way to a binge-worthy chorus. It’s clear he’s leaning on somebody; a support system we all long for in this ride of life.

“A good relationship is like a back up drive for inner self,” SAIGO is talking about that one person we know we can fully trust. The one person who loves and protects us, the person we learn to trust above all the noise. A child of Vietnamese immigrants, SIAGO understood early on that not everyone has your best interest in mind. Subject to racist bullying growing up, his newest songs are a rejection of predetermined roles, stale stereotypes, and arbitrary factions. Honoring the roots that tell his story, his moniker is a tribute to his mother’s homeland of Saigon. Escaping the war in Vietnam, his mother rode here on a sinking fishing boat, to then eventually meet and fall in love with his father.

“As long as you have someone who understands you, you can always start over from scratch.”

Where we come, what we go through…it’s all worth it in the end when we come back to that support system. The love that is fostered underneath the hardships is the essence of life, and “Thieves” is a recognition of that. A genuine artist, we so welcome this wave of soul that SAIGO delivers; or as he calls it, a “puzzle of diversity and modernity.” You can catch his captivating live shows in Los Angeles or follow his journey on Instagram.

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