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Sal Dulu’s “Tyko” – a soundtrack for a dreamscape

Think “Animatrix” meets “lo-fi beats to chill/study to”, all set in a small Japanese town.

There’s a distinct style of music that Sal Dulu’s track “Tyko” falls into, and that is the kind of music that takes your mind far, far away. The track combines samples of conversations in Japanese with rolling synths and an almost R’n’B style chorus loop. A true mix of cultures and sounds happen un “Tyko”, with elements of anime (Japanese cartoons), trip-hop, African roots, jazz and much much more.

Sal Dulu is based in Dublin, Ireland, where he composes these amazing soundtracks to life. “Tyko” is the 3rd single by the artist, who debuted late last year. While has been playing and writing music from his early teens in Dublin, now at 24 Sal Dulu has developed a unique sound that doesn’t sit comfortably in any genre. He has a distinctive style with electronic and jazz influences interleaved with original instrumental accompaniment.

It is a refreshing thought that young producers and instrumentalists are seeking to break away from boundaries such as genres and titles, and just explore the realms of sound available. What a great time for music! Let’s play “Tyko” by Sal Dulu

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