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“Santa Don’t Pass Me By” by Tanile

“Santa Don’t Pass Me By” is something special from a special artist in which that of New York’s, Tanille, puts more effort under the tree, so to speak. This is when talent speaks so much for itself you can’t talk enough about that, much less describe a song in enough words to do it justice. And if you’re looking for something negative to say, this is a cut that defies any logic to do so without being critically out to lunch, especially for a holiday number. “Santa Don’t Pass Me By” restores faith in holiday spirit and Christmas music alike, which is all too missing wherever Christmas is celebrated.

URL: http://www.tanille.com/

The love song itself is more like what the message of “Santa Don’t Pass Me By” tries to get across, with the holiday marking the memory of love and what a song about Christmas can do when you think about both. It wins on that premise alone but goes the distance in every department as a song for uplifting anyone who hears it. And if you’ve never heard this artist, you’re in for a very interesting singer/songwriter and novelist operating beneath your radar that you don’t want to miss the past, current and future works of.

The voice and tonal qualities of Tanille are undeniably awesome, and so is her lyric writing and music arranging on this excellent original track. The trend of the last couple of decades has been to do Christmas songs in whatever style the artist is, rather than write one’s own songs to get a release out for the holidays. But Tanille pulls out all stops to deliver without just passing along the usual stuff, instead she makes her own footprints and comes up with a classic all her own. Talk about brave, she nailed it too.

To put it all lightly, Tanille Edwards has her act together and it’s written all over this one song, so imagine what potential she has once you hear “Santa Don’t Pass Me By.” The song has all the bells and whistles with spot on production, so before turning another blind ear to the Christmas music aspect of it, expect something relevantly good, modern and contemporary. You could even replace some words, and this would be another song, just as good but about something else altogether. It’s that versatile and something to be proud of as an artist making any kind of noise today.

AMAZON: https://www.amazon.com/Santa-Dont-Pass-Me-Tanille/dp/B01M29T3GO/ref=sr_1_2?keywords=Tanille&qid=1575436928&s=dmusic&sr=1-2

“Santa Don’t Pass Me By” runs in perfect time, not going over or under the radio marks, but it somehow plays long after in your head, which is the mark of any true hit song. Tanille’s words really cut through and her phrasing is brilliant, it’s like you’ve heard it before somewhere, but you’ll never put your finger on it because it’s part of her magic. And I’m really-only tipping the iceberg from where this review started, as there’s a lot more to discover when it comes to this artist and a lot of mileage to be had from this great song.

John McCall

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