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“Say Something” by Eline Fluery

“Say Something” is a new song, but with a message that has been told time and time again. Trust your instincts, listen to the voice in your head and you matter, the message shares. The song is from singer/songwriter Eline Fluery. Her beautiful voice melts like butter, seeping into a rich music current lined with jazz and funky percussion. If you’re a fan of Prince or Sade, then this song is ready for your playlist.

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From the album This Woman, “Say Something” captures the pure talent that Fluery embodies in each of her releases to date. With every release, Fluery captivates the listener with her wow-factor voice. In “Madanmn” and “Our Father” her brilliance is echoed in the piano and Afro jazz rhythms. Fluery worked with artists from South Africa and Haiti on the album and their contributions are just as remarkable. Like an island breeze and vintage jazz club rolled into one, “Say Something” also calls to mind the influence of Nina Simone.

If you listen to “Say Something” through the lens of 2021, it makes sense to gravitate towards a progressive point of view. I don’t think it’s a protest song, but I do think it gleans from the movements that happened this past summer. Where some feel the need to amplify their voices with social media rhetoric or a march, Fluery bridges the conversation between a calm, collected voice with mountains of emotions powering it. The music has a surcharge, a lightning-force like burst. It also has a spiritual-like tone, as if it were part of folklore or community word-of-mouth. It’s as if it’s ingrained in the vocals and embroidered into the music bed. The tones and movements are intoxicating and on a higher level than most of the indie artists that come across my desk.

If you listen to “Say Something” without the lens of 2021, you will still find yourself experiencing something very special, something momentous. Where others manipulate and create aesthetically pleasing audio based on what’s hot or what’s in fashion, songs like “Say Something” give meaning to true music. She’s a blank slate and sculpted a divine sound between piano notes and an infectious beat. You can feel the rhythms in your gut. It’s nearly breathtaking and so invigorating hearing a song like “Say Something” that stretches your mind, body and soul to the brink. I suppose it’s like looking at the Grand Canyon and trying to come up with the amount of adjectives to describe the experience: endless, infinity and vastness. Shall I go on?

APPLE MUSIC: https://music.apple.com/us/album/say-something/1549800507?i=1549800509

If the goal is authenticity and communicating a message to listeners that they are not alone, Fluery is most victorious in forging a unique path towards greatness. She’s a rare diamond in the rough and we need more voices like hers telling us how to feel and if we feel a certain way, that’s okay too. I feel humbled listening to her. I felt like she has taken great dignity in spreading her message. It’s one of love and confidence.

John McCall

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