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Séamus drops “Host”

Perhaps best known around the Los Angeles music scene as the musician that performs while wearing a mask, singer/songwriter Séamus proves to the world his new single “Host” doesn’t conceal any of his exceptional talents. Equally haunting is the music and his curling vocals, “Host” fleshes out fresh, pop synth sensibilities and a moving lyrical script that evokes different interpretations.

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Séamus, who dons a mask to create a new persona and adding drama to his already audacious creations, exudes the mysterious and enigmatic vibe throughout “Host”. When he sings taking advantage of me, you can take advantage of me, because I’m lonely, and you know it, the listener is swept up by the deepness in his vocal prowess. He lingers at ends of each word, adding another layer to his hypnotic tone. I can’t let that happen again, he continues. Later on he sings, you just want to take your time to drain me, alive, alive, alive. He pleads. His vocals hover over the meandering pulses and computer textured music base. The song moves like a salamander – slow, sleek and oddly alluring. The listener grips at the melancholy, as the words trickle down like diary entries. Séamus, who sounds like Trent Reznor of Nine Inch Nails and Dave Gahan of Depeche Mode, has the voice made for New Wave synth.

I don’t think this song is about a relationship. I think this song is about battling depression or grief. Séamus (born Seamus McNamara) grew up in Marin County California. It’s the norther part of the state, and after a few years of struggling in Los Angeles, he moved back home. Determined to not give up and re-focus his goals and his sound, he’s back in Los Angeles. I think this song is about the struggle he endured. Séamus, 23, is the host and the parasite that is eating him alive (alive, alive!) is an invisible, mushroom cloud of sadness and brooding thoughts. On the other hand, it could be about an emotional vampire. Being in a relationship with someone that takes over your thoughts and drains you of your goodness, your happiness. Your joy. I think either way, Séamus balances out the light and the dark with his music bed, as well as his self-awareness. He’s cognizant that something is happening to him (again) and he’s not giving into whatever this thing is. Not this time. The music bed displays hints of anxiety and loneliness. It drills hard, ominous sounds only bowing at opportune times to elevate an already interesting and linear motion music bed.

SOUNDCLOUD: https://soundcloud.com/seamusmadeit

The “Host” music video is something out of a H.P. Lovecraft novel and the Stranger Things title slide. The word ‘Host’ written in red, is centered on each frame. A black-and-white photo of Séamus creeps from the back to the front, over and over. About midway through the song a rush of red takes over the screen (like blood being transfused) and the word ‘Host” is now in black. Before the song and video’s end, the word is back to red. Overall, this visual representation nails the mood and the energy of depression. It overcomes and just when you crawl out of it, it sneaks back into your life its unwanted presence.

Photo credits: Nas Bogado, Alek Blik

John McCall

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