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Shelby carter

Shelby Carter – Not the “Worst Way” to debut

Singer-songwriter and multi-instrumentalist Shelby Carter took a risk and leaped into a music career in 2019, not looking back since. The LA-based artist confides that music has always been one of the few constants in her life, saying “I grew up moving around. The most stable things in my life are my family and music”. And surely, burning through 13 schools growing up because your family keeps moving around kinda gives you a different, somewhat nomadic view of things.

Luckily for Shelby, her bond with her family and music were one and the same, for as much as they bounced around the United States they also performed in local musicals together, wherever they went. Shelby eventually picked up the guitar, and in those intimate moments between a songwriter and the strings, she put the anxieties, perspectives, and emotions of a life in constant flux to music.

With her independent debut in “Worst Way,” Shelby takes a trip down memory lane, digging up quirky memories of the past to channel them into a classic bubble-gum pop anthem filled with strong hooks and elevated by her beautiful and suggestive vocals. The music video for “The Worst Way” tells the story of two friends who are secretly lovers. The lyrics take inspiration directly from Shelby’s first kiss “During a sleepover with my girlfriends, one of my best friends, Daisy, told me she would teach me how to kiss, and we ended up making out for a really long time.

The song and video combo draw from common Highschool romance tropes that easily draw you into this fun and light-hearted -but somehow- overbearing world we’ve all experienced. The song plays to Shelby’s vocal strength by letting its light-but-groovy atmosphere be the backdrop of her beautiful performance.

Although a lot of people are already familiar with Shelby via her impressive cover of The Weeknd’s “Blinding Lights,” however her true debut is here with a song of her own authorship that carries the signature sound she discovered alongside acclaimed sound engineer and producer Tito JustMusic.



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