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“She’s so Carefree” (SINGLE) by FrankySelector

Physically imposing and yet not at all the bruiser it could have been – were it mixed specifically with a dancefloor in mind, perhaps – there’s something pretty special about the groove we run into as “She’s so Carefree” begins to play, and in the nearly four minutes this track lasts, the listener will have more than enough time to try and figure on what that ‘it’ factor is being derived from. Could it be the velvety vocal? The retro sway of the percussion? The funkadelic swagger in the harmonies as they unfurl in real-time? No matter what it might be, this is one song that is awfully hard to step away from unaffected, which is something I cannot say for a lot of other tracks out right now.

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I love the funkiness of the relationship between the bass and the drums, and although it comes in as the brashest component of the mix, it doesn’t drown out the fluidity of the soulful lead vocal at all. Both the music video for “She’s so Carefree” and the composition on its own have an evenness to their stylization that doesn’t really invite any bombast into the big picture naturally, and rather than injecting the finishing project with an extra dose of polish, FrankySelector instead decided to keep it as efficient and DIY in finish as it initially was. I like his decision, and personally think it’s what makes the song as attractive as it is this late summer season.

Though I only found out about the music of FrankySelector just recently, I’m very interested in the gorgeous beats he’s unveiled in this most recent release. If it’s any indication as to what he’s planning on filling his next studio album with, I will definitely be intending on giving it a review as well sometime in the future, and overall, I think this sound could serve him fabulously with a hungry generation of American R&B fans in need of something smart this September. This feels perfectly-timed for the present market, and even if this wasn’t intentional, there’s no reason for FrankySelector to not benefit from his own good fortune.

John McCall

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