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Shroud Eater present “Strike The Sun” this Friday at Gramps FREE!

If there ever was a good use of the phrase “the title says it all” this would be it. Miami’s own Shroud Eater are officially (at long last, some of us have been impatient) presenting their latest full length effort to the local masses, to the delight of South Florida’s metal scene. And the stoners. And the sludgeheads. and everyone that loves hard, loud, and very heavy music.

Strike The Sun is the first full length by Shroud Eater in ¬†about 5 years, and it has been received with open arms by the fans as well as the press and music critics. The album boasts of eight well distributed tracks, from a slow noisy intro to tracks that would make Electric Wizard or Sleep proud. Heavy riffs, groovy drums and a variety of vocals, from clean to yells to beastly howls. Here at Too Much Love our favorite track from the album has to be “Another Skin” simply because it is some of the heaviest stuff we’ve heard in a long time. It is so heavy one could use it to tie down and blimp or a zeppelin, and that thing isn’t going anywhere.
All levity aside, the album itself stands out for it’s balance between very heavy, intense moments interspaced with dark, brooding, gentle sections. ¬†This allows one to experience a veritable trip into the crazy word of Strike The Sun without getting overloaded with sheer brutal distortion.

As mentioned in the title, Shroud Eater will be playing at Gramps in Wynwood, Miami, this Friday. The free show is scheduled to commence at 10pm, and opening the show will be Ft.Lauderdale’s doom powerhouse Ether, and Miami’s Orbweaver. Each of these opening bands is worth taking the trip to see on their own, so having all three on the same stage for free is going to be one heavy night. Bring earplugs unless you really like bleeding eardrums.

Here’s a track of each of the bands to start revving up those motors!
And yes, we know that “Sludgeheads” is not a thing… but what should we call ’em? Suggestions?

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