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Singer/songwriter Druv Kent Drops New Single

Do you have the courage to leave a career behind, to change your life dramatically? Are you brave enough to let your voice be heard? Singer/songwriter Druv Kent doesn’t need loud, belting lyrics or a race to the finish line verses a driving guitar riff. Instead he takes a slower pace, a stream of harmonic riffs and a voice that stirs the echoes in his new song “Don’t Burn Away”. Kent’s unwavering peace straddles the line between pop rock and folk. The listener is all the better for it – making “Don’t Burn Away” igniting a flood of inspiration.

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Kent is based in Singapore, Malaysia, but was born and raised in India. He’s a former finance professional and took the leap into music after a lifelong dream. “Don’t Burn Away” is the title track from Kent’s latest five-track EP. In his press materials, he said he only gained the confidence to write music later in life. I must say his words are poetry in motion, they are quite gorgeous. I’m no louder than those talking in the breeze, clinging to the trees, clutching to their facts and their poetry, he sings. I loved the imagery he creates and in a lot of ways, the way he sings, nearly seduces the listener. His voice caresses itself around each lyric, and he has a way of splitting the difference of baritone and tenor. There’s this ever so-slight edge to his voice, a gravel pebble or two hanging out at the bottom of his throat. The word ‘clutching’ dreams up ideas of people passionately speaking on soapboxes. I don’t think he’s putting down other activists, but in many ways, he’s putting his voice behind the words.

The percussion is light, but not too light that you don’t feel its presence. I felt like this steady beat is like giving the Earth a beating heart. It becomes another character in the story. It’s like the planet is mustering just enough rhythm to reach out and try and touch the listener. Grabbing, searching for life on the other end. It’s also like a beacon in the universe. A distress signal, of you will. I think Kent brings the listener in, like a boat coming into harbor, and wants the limelight for the planet. He simply creates a moving undercurrent of bubbling guitar riffs and what I can only imagine to be a mix of electronic keys and piano. I could be completely wrong on the piano, but I know I’m certain the movement of the song is forward and breathtaking.

You cannot discount Kent’s emotional fortitude. He’s wildly entertaining. He’s also quite brave to make such a bold sound become so beautiful. His song is about the planet not burning, the need to act, but he infuses the listener with an inspiration that can be taken into other parts too. He makes the heart sing. He brings things home, and all feels right listening to Druv Kent. He has the talents to back it all up.

John McCall

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