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Singer/Songwriter Elizabeth Lyons Releases “Prove It”

Singer and songwriter Elizabeth Lyons is taking it upon herself to cheer up the world and spread some positive energy in her country pop anthem “Prove It”. Lyons latest single follows an already impressive arsenal of hits. The Nashville-based Lyons has been sending out shockwaves with previous songs like “24”, “Epiphany” and “God Moment”. Does “Prove It” stack up to Lyons’ resume? Yes. She proves she can continue to have her own unique, relatable point-of-view and still maintain her genuine charm.

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Lyons, who grew up in the Midwest and actually stepped away from music to work a corporate gig in New York before jumping all-in to her Nashville career, really exerts a wildly honest, fun-loving attitude in the song. From the start of the song where she talks about pushing her dreams to the fullest to the imagery of a standing atop the water slide so high, only to realize, this is very high, she quickly engages the listener into a comfortable tone. She has this vibe about her that throws the listener into a freeing spin. If she weren’t singing with such positivity, you might sign her up for a daily affirmation. She really triggers that voice inside the listener to go for it, that they can prove their worth. Lyons even insists to and if you can only ask her out it would make her world. I thought this was an endearing line.

Fake it ‘till you make it, you know you can do it, go ahead and prove it, (pah-pah) prove it, Lyons’ sings. For a split second, this song meshed up with Katy Perry’s “Roar” but only because it’s the same sentiment. Sonically they are very different, and there’s bits of country twang in the highly energized, bouncy music bed. Near the end of the song, it’s a bit like a cheer scene, and there’s faint voices joining in, looping the sounds. It’s super fun and again, this song just bursts with a very infectious chorus and hook. I can easily hear this song on modern pop radio, too. You get caught up in her vocals and her smile. (you can just tell she’s smiling while she recorded this song) I’m positive that fans of Taylor Swift and Perry will fall prey to Lyons’ bright, irresistible voice. She’s wholesome and has this rich honey-soaked tone in her voice that is perfectly paired to “Prove It”. The fact that she wrote the song, too, gives her extra bonus points for pushing her talents to the outer limits.

AMAZON: https://www.amazon.com/Prove-Elizabeth-Lyons/dp/B086Y6HMGZ

Overall, “Prove It” is the anecdote for the upside down, topsy turvy times we’re all experiencing. It’s that quick caffeinated motivational tool that’s been missing this year – Elizabeth Lyons’ comes in like a lamb, and roars out like a lion in the very fun “Prove It”. Maybe because of her modest background and her instant rapport, but when she sings that you as a listener can do it and you can prove it, she’s genuine and in a magical way you believe it.

John McCall

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