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Singer/Songwriter Kailee Spark Releases New Singe/Video

In her second official single, titled “Sparkle & Shine,” pop singer and songwriter Kailee Spark doesn’t let a retro hipster harmony go underutilized for anything and her freewheeling sensibilities take center stage. In both the video for the song and the material itself, Spark doesn’t hide her love of Best Coast-style indie rock but instead throws herself behind a groove that emphasizes her homespun qualities as well as her playfulness. It’s a slight throwback to the straightforward folk-rock revivals of the early 2010s, but with her voice in the mix, it doesn’t sound like a retro listen we should be embarrassed to crank up as loud as possible.

URL: https://www.kaileesparkmusic.com/

The soul of this single is its melodic content, but the percussion definitely adds a good touch of physicality to the bottom half of the track and gives Spark something to turn up the heat with. She can be aggressive when she wants to be, but it’s in a controlled manner partially because of the sizeable beat she’s managing here. The drums are the right buffer to use in “Sparkle & Shine,” and replaces the need for absurd handclaps that definitely would have taken the aesthetical nod to PNW café-rock bands a little too far.

These lyrics are a beacon of resilience that could probably brighten up even the darkest of days, and I like the way they’re arranged against the melody. There’s no separation between the mood of the music and that of the verses, and considering how hard her contemporaries have been trying to play the duality card lately, this makes the cohesiveness of Spark’s sound pretty sexy indeed. She isn’t scattered in her delivery; this is a player too focused to give us a halfhearted performance of any sort, but especially with regards to the mechanics of her expression.

I love earthy melodies when they don’t sound forced, and one of the best qualities that “Sparkle & Shine” has going for it is the natural charisma of the music. While it’s mixed efficiently, Spark’s singing about her favorite bottle of chardonnay sounds intimately close even at moderate volumes, leaving us feeling like she’s jamming out in the room with us rather than giving a removed performance from within a recording studio. It’s up close and personal pop/rock, which is really the only kind we haven’t heard enough of on the mainstream level in the past five years or so.

Kailee Spark is coming along brilliantly this year, and in “Passageways” and “Spark & Shine,” it’s rather undeniable that she’s found a pathway to the spotlight requiring little more from her than her God-given talents as a singer. She’s a natural behind the mic and slings a six-string with the best of them, but the best element of her present artistry is the unfanciful manner in which she crafts a story with her lyrics. Spark is a troubadour who arrived at the right time to be a singer/songwriter in American pop music, and I’m certain this won’t be the last spellbinding tune she releases as an up-and-coming star.

John McCall

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