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Singer/Songwriter Lecretia Ann a pair of Singles

Whether slow-churning in “3” or moderately rollicking in the easygoing “Run,” the string play in this pair of new singles from one Lecretia Ann are essential to the core harmonies in both songs for certain. Country music has always been somewhat dependent on the presence of a slick acoustic guitar melody to trigger memories of its signature sound in listeners around the globe, but in these tracks, fretwork is as essential to the structuring of the narrative as any verse ever could be. Lecretia Ann is ready to play in the big leagues, and although she’s still a virgin to the studio experience – both of these songs being found on her debut album Better Thangs – she’s rolling like an old pro here.

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Though “3” is inarguably more brooding than “Run” is, these two singles boast a lot of emotion through the very delivery of our leading lady herself. There’s a case to be made that neither one of these tracks would be as memorable were they being sung by someone with slightly less moxie; in every verse and over every beat, there’s never any question as to whether or not Lecretia Ann is the star of this show through and through. She’s aggressive when she needs to be and humble in times when the music would benefit from her refrain, and considering the fact that she’s as new to this business as she is, that really says a lot about what she could potentially accomplish with a little more time to cultivate her craft.

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I think “Run” has a somewhat streamlined framework that makes it the more radio-ready of these two singles, and it ultimately represents a sound that I want to hear more of from Lecretia Ann as she grows into her career. There’s an underlying honky tonk influence in this particular track that makes me curious about what she could get done with more electrifying material, and while I’m not advocating her segueing into southern rock territory, she’s definitely got the kind of range that it takes to straddle a bigger groove than most country singers would know how to handle. That might be worth exploring down the line, at least from the parameters of “Run” and its sonically heavier brethren on Better Thangs.

While I only just recently found out about the music of Ms. Lecretia Ann, I don’t doubt that I’ll be hearing more from her sooner than later. She gives me a number of reasons to think about giving her a second listen in the future in “3” and “Run,” and though they present us with some of the more rigid components of her songwriting style – in comparison to deep cuts like “Does She Know” and “Just to Be” – I think they’ll be enough to get her into steady rotation on select country stations around the underground this summer. We could use a little more puritan country like this nowadays, and I highly doubt I’m the only fan (or critic) who thinks so.

John McCall

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