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Singer/Songwriter Madelyn Victoria Releases New Single

From San Antonia TX, the magnetic and seemingly multifaceted Madelyn Victoria returns to the recording booth with her new song “Good at Goodbye”. Kicking off with a great drum start before we hear those now-famous country wails of the guitar. Narratively, who can’t relate to seeing someone you dated at a public place, and it’s like they don’t even know you anymore. Victoria asks herself why they had to go and throw everything away and that he’s “Good at this game, won’t say my name” and she can’t fathom why he had to go and do something like this. The pace of the song almost feels like a movie montage as she says that years have passed and now upon reflection, “sometimes a heart does need to break for a better endeavor to take place” and that last line just haunts me with its truth and how in so many ways, it’s applicable to so many aspects of life and more people need to be aware of that.

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It’s kind of funny how so much of country music seems to run in place covering the same material over and over (trucks, blondes, beer, etc) but this is a song that’s literally all about growth and moving on with your life and in a way, maybe when towards the end she knows why he won’t say her name, I like to think it’s because he knows he messed up and can’t bring himself to dignify it. This comes to a fantastic crescendo with some fantastic percussion from the drums as the guitars give this almost “driving off into the sunset” feeling, like when you’ve just finished packing your stuff up from an old home. Everyone is at the top of their game, and you can tell based on Victoria’s many years pursuing music (she currently received her Bachelor of Science degree in the music business) that she’s learned a lot about seamless collaboration and how you can tell the music comes first above all else. There’s nothing here that feels self-indulgent or congratulatory, and it’s honestly a breath of fresh air to hear this, especially coming from someone who’s not the biggest country fan.

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Sometimes the composition can be a little repetitive, even though the lyrics tell their story methodically and very engagingly. I wish there might have been a little more experimentation with the sounds from the guitars or even adding a new surprise element we might not have expected that could have built on the growth that she feels, maybe adding little piece by piece between the chorus beats. In a lot of ways, this feels like the country version of Gotye’s “Somebody I used to know” and while that song had the benefit of sharing both sides of the story in that relationship, one exposing the truth about the other, this one is sticking by its own truth that ultimately, it’s not about him, it’s about her and how much better she is without him, and she must feel damn great about it and this fantastic song.

John McCall

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