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Singer/Songwriter Relevf  Releases EP

Like a moth to flame, I can’t be contained, singer/songwriter Relevf sings in the fantastic debut EP, Wounded Wings. The verse comes from the song “Moth to Flame” but all four of songs on the collection signal an outstanding declaration for an artist that leaves so much of her heart for the listener to embrace. While many indie artists are singing words, Relevf seems to be giving all of herself in her songs. It’s with Wounded Wings that us listeners get a birds eye view of a sensitive, profound artist.

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Relevf, a Tennessee-based singer/songwriter, doesn’t cater to any particular genre, per se. If I had to really pinpoint her sound, it would be a mix of the power pop Kelly Clarkson zipper merged to The Coors’ Andrea Coors and Miley Cyrus. Beneath the higher octave is a voice from a woman who can’t escape her southern bell charm. It’s cozy and it’s just so smooth to ease into from the first track, “New Skin” to the last song, “Forever”.

The arrangement of the EP is choice. Starting out with “New Skin” really sets the stage. I can only surmise that this is the most autobiographical of the songs, and Relevf carries the listener right away to her shifting mindset. As she struggles to let go of the insecurities and wanting to be a bit of a hermit in her own world, the music is the escape. She throws out words like I’m adjusting and no one can hurt me if they don’t see me, and the listener really feels like they are listening to someone that has struggled with anxiety for quite some time. Relevf makes the listener feel not so alone, not so jettisoned from the world. The buoyancy in her voice comes from an electronic music bed. Even the (assumed) drum machine has a heavy kick to it; the song has a strong pop/rock feel. Perhaps it’s the darker music bed that still represents the gate, the fence she’s contrasted around her soul to keep from being hurt. It’s the words that jump over that gate and leave her open.

The next two tracks, “Over and Over” and “Moth to Flame” continue to carry the listener into different textures of music beds. She sticks with the pop/rock/country flavored tones. In “Over and Over” she stretches the vocals a bit more when she declares to give it time. When she sings of heartache or being duped in some way in “Moth to Flame” she has a bit more grit to her voice, a different emotional vibe. She’s more confident.

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The last song, “Forever” is impressive. Searching past the galaxy, is there room for you and me, she sings. This song’s storyline kept me glued. I loved the space analogies and the idea of looking at the sky and dreaming that love can go on forever. Relevf tops off the song with a bombastic electronic guitar arrangement. It again falls into that pop/rock/country flavor. It’s hard to say what my favorite of the four-songs are, but “Forever” is definitely a contender. Overall, Wounded Wings reaches unbelievable heights for a wonderful new indie singer/songwriter.

John McCall

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