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Singer/Songwriter Sammy Strittmatter Releases “Time Gets Lost”

Soothing the listener like a treasured friend, and a sensitive poet, singer/songwriter (and multi-instrumentalist) Sammy Strittmatter reveals a calming collection of sonic bliss in his new track “Time Gets Lost”. Even if it weren’t 2020 and the world wasn’t topsy turvy, this song has the emotional balance to brighten the mood. It’s timeless, dreamy electronic mix with instrumentation layering is perfect for any time. “Time Gets Lost” is the escape we’ve been patiently awaiting.

BANDCAMP: https://sammystrittmatter.bandcamp.com/track/time-gets-lost

Strittmatter, who in addition to singing on the track, also plays piano, electric guitar, acoustic guitar, bass, drums, tambourine, keys and midi programming. In his Bandcamp profile he makes note that he also drank coffee on the track. I found this little tidbit charming, as it’s just one more accoutrement to Strittmatter’s unguarded approach. While his vocals are laid back, even a bit melancholy sounding, he’s real. He’s not hiding behind auto tune and his genuine voice is right up the ally of one of his influences, the late Elliot Smith.

FACEBOOK: https://www.facebook.com/sammy-strittmatter-112960082136997/

His story talks of getting back home to wash the mess of the world off my mind, and the immediate reaction of the 2020 lens is that we’re constantly washing our hands these days (not that we weren’t before) and we’re re-examining our physical interactions. Strittmatter takes the listener along a journey where he’s yearning for a deeper connection. The undercurrent is an isolated electronic beat, much like the beating heart. It’s fused with a dreamy piano, at times an electro-pop music bed with atmospheric sounds. As mentioned above, the instrumentation also includes both electric and acoustic guitars; there’s a twangy, curl of the electric guitar riff that borderlines on surf rock. The bass is crisp and tethered to the percussion. Time gets lost by the sea, I was looking for you, were you looking for me, Strittmatter sings. His voice is innocent sounding, young. He reminds me of Ben Folds. Would you let me be someone you can call on, he continues. The listener is whisked away into the subdued euphoric music bed. It’s an escape. Strittmatter is so likeable, the richness in the music bed is just an added bolster to his wonderful weave of words. Just when you think you’re romanticizing this song, it gives you the coziness of a new friend.

“Time Gets Lost” casts the listener into a buoyant sea of inner reflection. It’s also the perfect vehicle to connect with a singer/songwriter with a quiet demeaner, but poignant voice. He has a way with words, and Strittmatter as a wordsmith is definitely on the same level as Smith, Bob Dylan and Conor Oberst. The Los Angeles-based Strittmatter is a shoo-in for many ‘best bets’ and is a great find for any music fan’s radar. What I liked most about “Time Gets Lost” is even with all the yearning in Strittmatter’s voice, there is hope and kindness. This song makes you feel alive and want something bigger, something more. Can’t we all agree that dreaming like this is worth it?

John McCall

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