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Slammin’ Gladys Drop New Single

The power of rock guitar is undeniably limitless, as has been demonstrated by its use in scores of emotionally provocative songs throughout the better part of the last seventy years. Slammin’ Gladys have a lot of respect for the history of their genre – you can read that just from their songwriting style – but they aren’t committed to utilizing the tonal communications of the six-string quite the same way some of their influences did. The guitar is still godly in their new single “Hold Up My Blue Sky,” but it’s matched with vocals, a bassline, and a drumbeat that are easily just as evocative to the listener.

Slammin’ Gladys’ singer is perhaps more integral to the sizzle in this single than any riffing ever could be, and this isn’t because he’s given an edge in the mix. Instead, his smooth singing shapes the dimensions of these lyrics and the background they’re put before by reflecting the depth of the tones around them. In this respect, it’s hard for me to tell which came first, lyrics or music, but at the end of the day I’m not certain that it matters when the flow we hear in this single is as stunning as it is here.

This beat doesn’t push the harmony along; truthfully, I think it’s following the pattern of the melodic instrumentation rather than the other way around. The vocal is setting up the tempo by default, which allows for the percussion to feel like more of a feature than the bedrock of every climactic moment in “Hold Up My Blue Sky.” Is it conventional? Of course not – but that’s why Slammin’ Gladys are getting the respect from critics, rock fans, and music industry insiders of all stripes that they are this summer.

There really aren’t enough rock n’ roll crews like this one anymore, but if there were, I don’t believe we’d be buzzing about “Hold Up My Blue Sky” to the extent that we are right now. Slammin’ Gladys know that to please a fan base addicted to rebel elements of a rebel sound, the last thing you want to do is embrace establishment values, which is exactly what they reject so feverishly in this performance. “Hold Up My Blue Sky” is balladic, brooding, and boldly inspiring to puritan rock enthusiasts, and if it’s soon joined by a slew of songs as strong as it is, Slammin’ Gladys will own the spotlight sooner than some might think.

John McCall

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