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Slow Magic at Bardot

House producer Slow Magic will be playing tonight at Bardot (Miami) in support of his latest album How To Run Away. The man behind the mask makes dreamy and cosmic music with electronic triggers and a drum kit.

After the success of his first release, Triangle, and touring with acts such as XXYYXX and Gold Panda, Slow Magic released a second album. How To Run Away reflects this growth, oozing both otherworldly beauty and a mastery of production. Lead single “Girls” is deconstructionist house with an organic pulse and mixed, handcrafted samples. “Hold Still” sculpts elastic organs and jazz piano into an emotionally-pummeling finale, while the melancholic “Let U Go” merges watery dub with spectral piano.

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And buy your tickets to see him at Bardot tonight here! 

Get ready for the show listening to “Girls”

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