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Smoke Season Releases Their Cover of Boys of Summer

The Los Angeles duo Smoke Season, formed by Gabby Bianco and Jason Rosen have released their interpretation of the single “Boys of Summer” originally from Don Henley.

Boys of Summer has always been the quintessential late summer jam but we’ve always felt a quiet sense of heartbreak in its lyrics and melodies. We really wanted to bring that to the forefront with our version and cater to its more delicate side. It’s the perfect melancholy soundtrack to kissing Summer 2018 goodbye. – Gabby Bianco

Here is a bit more about them: Gabby considers herself a mad scientist, with a passion for tinkering with both the analog and the digital. She has built light setups and stage props for Smoke Season’s music videos and live shows, and has an undying love for her modular synthesizer. She also can program a mean code script though has vowed to use her hacking skills for good. Jason expresses his brand of abnormality with fashion and grooves, never letting either stagnate. He laments the limits of menswear, opting to flaunt items from Gabby’s closet because f… gender stereotypes too.

Follow them in all their socials: Instagram ☓ Facebook ☓ Website  and check out the cover bellow.

Bonus: Watch the video of “Sweetest Thing” here:


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