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“So Far So Good” the new track from Florida’s Greye

“So Far So Good”, the new track from Florida’s Greye could very well sum up what’s happening with everyone world-wide: just trying to make things work day in, day out. Bright and full of spunk, Greye continues to melt various sounds in their unique repertoire of rock, Americana and fearless blues. “So Far So Good” is not so-so; it’s more than good.

URL: https://greyemusic.com/home

Greye is Hannah Summer (vocals), Jett Wolfe (guitar), Josh Reid (bass), Ray Grimard (drums) and Ken-e Williams (keyboard). Home is Daytona Beach, and the sun shines brightly on this tight-knit outfit. Besides Summer’s head-turning vocals, all of the band members have a feature role in “So Far So Good”, but Wolfe’s electric guitar cranks up the heat more possibly than Summer. His licks and ferocious riffs consistently keep the listener on their toes. When he changes up the chords and the movement about the song’s bridge, it creates a whole other layer of experience. It’s like finding the golden ticket – euphoria. His guitar has an unnamed elation signal…giving a beacon of hope and light to the listener. In a strange way, his guitar parallels the story in “So Far So Good” – things can be frazzled at times, or even lower, but one has to get up by their boot straps and face the day.

Lyrically, there are some key zingers that enthrall the listener: are we on the same page, or are you busy reading somebody else’s book? When she sings, Summer is sprite, adding a little whiskey and leather embellishments. Her voice is full of the devil, but angelic all-at-once. The song moves in a way that fans of 70s southern rock, possibly more like The Allman Brothers Band (“Melissa”, “Blue Sky”). It’s not a far stretch, The Allman Brothers originated in Jacksonville, Florida, less than two hours from Daytona Beach via I-95. Call it a lifetime apart in years, Greye’s modern sound is full of hat tipping to live music’s biggest jam bands. Exciting as they are on “So Far So Good”, this band live could really rev the engines.

DEEZER: https://www.deezer.com/en/artist/6288598/radio?autoplay=true

The chorus I don’t know much anymore, but I know what I’m in for, so far so good, is easy to sing along. It’s anthemic. Fist in the air and rock it! It’s a call to freedom and reminds the listener to not be so hung up on plans and expectations. As humans we can’t predict the future and you have to be able to roll with the punches. Coming from an indie band with success (Greye’s April release “Lucky” charted No. 1 on the World Indie Music Chart, as well as gleaned over a million music video views on their YouTube channel), the pathway to artistic success has been steady. Prior releases like 2014’s Providence (a prolific 14 tracks), 2016 The Worrier (13 tracks), 2017’s Windows (12 tracks) and 2019’s Under The Weather (10 tracks) prove this group is more than capable of consistently releasing quality. Their sound is always rich, lively and has Summer’s signature swoon.

John McCall

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